Exceptionally soft yarn

Elegance for any occasion

Design, fabrics, manufacturing: Royalties spares no expense to offer you the most stylish, durable and comfortable socks you've ever worn.

Style: Elegance for any occasion

To be confident in your look and yourself, is to be confident that all your details add up to a dapper total package. Royalties works hard to give you new designs and to stand out. We hope you'll be proud to wear your Royalties socks. Wear them with friends, wear them out to the club, wear them whenever you want to feel your best. From the tennis court to the board room- from the French Riviera to a parent teacher meetings, you'll always have a good reason to add a pair of Royalties socks to your look.

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Fabric: Exceptionally soft yarn.

We carefully pick and exclusively use the finest yarn we can find at the best quality possible. Royalties socks are crafted from the same material as your finest sweaters, and it shows. Soft on the skin, a perfect fit, long-lasting and timeless.

The evironment ROYALTIES PARIS

The manufacture: Family history

Les Cars, roughly thirty kilometres south of Limoges, is the setting of our first partnership. Since 1938, and counting three generations of the Broussaud family, the factory's expertise and knowledge of high-end knitting processes has endured and even been developed over time.
Meanwhile, in Troyes, we have similarly enjoyed fruitful years of collaboration with our other manufacturing partner, Ventura. With them, we experienced the same level of know-how, the same passion, and the same sense of pride in a job well done. We have forged trusting bonds, personal ties and shared beliefs with these two like-minded family businesses. Together, we strive to honour our commitments, to our customers, to the environment and to ourselves, with the ultimate purpose of creating impeccable socks from sketch to foot.

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