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When it's raining outside, do you like to be cozy at home, in your socks and on your sofa, reading an exciting book with a good and warm hot tea ?

It is for you that we imagined this line of cushions. To accompany you every day and bring you softness, color and comfort.

There are our patchwork cushions, which are unique pieces. They were made in Paris, in our friend Sumika Hirasawa workshop, patchwork and knitting expert.
It was for our 10th anniversary that we asked Sumika to create these cushions, made from our favorite socks.

And then, there are our wool cushions, resulting from a politic on yarns recycling and the use of vintage stock. In partnership with our French manufacturers, we decided to use Baby Merino and Supergeelong yarns that were sleeping in our storehouse in order to give them a second life.

The result of this project is the creation of striped and color-block cushions, ready to brighten up your naps, your readings or your lively conversations!

You can even find matches between our cushions and our socks such as:

- Tartan socks

- Winter socks

- Shiny socks

Enjoy these comfort collections !